Monday, January 16, 2012


At sixty-five, I often feel invisible.

I don't wear the current fashions or desire to expose my breasts, legs or gluteal muscles. I wear relaxed and comfortable, whatever their date.

My hair is silver, and I use little makeup.

Without advertising, I don't attract much male attention. Besides, the men my age are usually hustling younger women.

I don't need or want center stage or even the peripheral limelight. I think this comes from being content with my life and comfortable in my own skin.

I no longer compete with others or race anyone for first place. I yield the right-of-way. I'll take the turtle's pace. It's steady and sure.

Actually, I am enjoying this time in my life. Invisibility removes the stess, and I can just be.

1 comment:

  1. Are you invisible? Truly? Or do you walk in a reality that requires something more real, less surface based? Drama free, independent, centered and whole is a remarkable place to be...

    I saw your video for Renaissance Woman, and I think you are radiant and beautiful, I hope to be so twenty years from now. I think we place too much emphasis on youth...why look at all the celebrities with their bot-ox and collagen, they look like macabre beasts.

    Is it really invisibility that is your mantle, or is it presence?